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Hottest MC’s 2013

This time, I want your input.  I’m going to give you mine in regards to the rappers on this year’s list so hear me out.   There are three rappers that I personally should not have seen on this list and they are Rick Ross, Future, and Meek Mill.  Don’t get me wrong, I think that MMG is a strong group with talented artists, but you can’t tell me Rick Ross’ same flow on every song is eligible for number 3 on the list.  Future had a couple of songs that were popular, but other than that, he is on everybody’s hooks.  I don’t believe that qualifies him for this spot.  And finally, Meek Mill.  I know that they are several Meek Mill fans out there and I have respect for the MC, but hearing some of his songs just turned me off from him.  He, to me, has ABC rhymes that are elementary.  Give me some cleverness and some diversity in your lyrics and maybe I will start listening.

Now even though I think they shouldn’t be on there does not mean I don’t have respect for these artists.  They have proven themselves accordingly so nothing can be said about that.  I do like; however, Kendrick’s being put on the top spot.  He deserves that throne after he dropped good kid, m.A.A.d. city.  2 Chainz coming in second is not a surprise to me whatsoever.  I see 2 Chainz as more of a hype rapper than a lyricist and that’s why I think he does well in this spot.  Any other opinions?  Feel free to leave a comment below on the Hottest MC’s 2013.

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