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All in my Blood

All in my Blood cover art

So the third single to “A Mirror Image” has been dropped!!!  This one is titled “All in my Blood” featuring dr. O and Mack.

The music was also produced by Mack so a big shout out to him!  This song is extremely significant to me because I wrote this song on November 11, 2013, the day I joined with Next Level Nation and E-Man!  I was very excited to start working so I went home and wanted to write immediately.  I remembered that Mack had sent me a beat with an idea for a hook, so I decided to give that a listen.  Right when I heard the music come on, I started vibing.  Then I heard the hook!  He had another idea with the same flow, but we ended up tweaking the hook a bit to what you hear now.  But when I heard the original hook, I knew it would be a jam.  In regards to the lyrics, the goal was to show you guys the seriousness behind my work.  I don’t just write to fill up lines with nonsense. I take my time to make sure every line is relative to me and broad enough so that it can relate to you as well.  I’m trying to share my passion for music so that you can find whatever passion excites you and work towards it.  To never stop even when you don’t know what’s to come.   That’s why I do this.  To inspire people that are/were just like me!  Please comment, share, like, and leave some FEEDBACK!!!!  It is always greatly appreciated!  This song is available for download under the “His Music” tab.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!



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Personal Favorites in the Game

So I posted a blog called “Hottest MC’s 2013” to get your feedback on who you believe should be in the top 10 and you believe shouldn’t be.  Well now I want your opinion to see who your top 5 favorite artist are now.  Not your favorite artists of all time, rather your favorite artists from the past couple years.  I’m interested in seeing the correlation between personality and music preference.  If you would like to participate, just list your top 5 rappers below and give me a little insight to why they are so high on your list.  Just so I can give you guys an idea of where I am, my list is as follows:

  1. Eminem
  2. Kendrick Lamar
  3. Drake
  4. J. Cole
  5. Mac Millerimgres-1

Eminem is a definite and a given for me.  The flows and the rhythmic abilities that he has are second to none.  I chose Kendrick for the number two spot because this guy can spit.  He doesn’t just lay some nice flows down without substance.  When he writes, he makes sure to add parts of his life in his songs and he makes you think about them with the way he words it.  I have to go back and re-listen half the time!  Drake is here because of how simple his beats are, which makes him able to show his lyrical abilities.  And the fact that he doesn’t

try to pose.  He talks about not growing up in the hood so he never tries to act hard like all these other fakers.  And he knows how to write songs about women!  J. Cole is a storyteller.  One of the best if you ask me, but I just st

arted listening to him so give me some time and maybe he will climb the ranks.  You might be shocked by Mac Miller because not everybody approves of him but he is independent and he a record label’s worst nightmare.  Plus he’s got some clever flows and lyrics.  So there you go, let me know who your favorites are and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

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IMG_2042Seeing that I have some awesome supporters, I would just like to extend an opportunity out your way.  So what do you guys see me doing next? Give me some ideas!  I would love to hear what you would like to see from me this upcoming 2014 year.  Any video ideas or any song ideas, feel free to throw them at me.  I’m all ears!!!  I would love to show my appreciation of you guys in any way possible!  If you want to follow me,  you can SUBSCRIBE to my blog here on my website or like my facebook page and follow me on twitter and instagram.  All of the links are at the bottom of the page!

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Well, here it is.  This is the 2nd single from my new project entitled, “A Mirror Image”.

iGalactic features my alter ego, the darker side of me, “dr. O”.  The new single also features Pechaman, a high school friend of mine and aspiring artist.  When I heard the song, “Intergalactic”, by the Beastie Boys, I knew right then and there I wanted to sample it.  Mind you, being a fan of the Beastie Boys growing up, I listened to most of their material so this wasn’t the first time I had heard the song.  After I got the idea, I instantly messaged my boy, Truhble Kelp, through Twitter.  I told him the exact sample that I wanted and within 3 hours that dude busted out the beat you hear before you.  I was so impressed that I started writing as soon as I could.  I finished the song that night!  I had been talking to Pechaman about getting him on a feature because I wanted this next project to have a lot of Bradenton/Sarasota rappers in it to show the talent this city has.  After finishing the lyrics, I heard him on that last verse, and he went IN on it!!  I wanted to portray the fun times and life so this beat just naturally went with it.  I had an awesome time making this song and I hope you liked it as well.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions regarding “iGalactic” or “A Mirror Image”.  SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG!!!

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TAKE A LOOK AND LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!  LOVE YOU ALL!!! #MayNothingStopYou #AMirrorImage #iGalactic

No need to say anything else.  See for yourself!!!



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