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A Mirror Image Tour/Personal Journal Vol. I

The series of singles that I have been putting out are all apart of my new mixtape, A Mirror Image.  This mixtape includes my alter ego, dr. O, who I consider to be the darker side of me.  The side that only comes out during unspeakable circumstances and says things that I would not normally say.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  Now in light of the mixtape release, E-Man and Next Level Nation have helped me tremendously by putting a mini-tour together.  I will be performing Wednesday, January 29th – Friday February, 28th.  All tour locations and times can be found on the “Show” page of itsclizzy.com.  After the release of this project, I will be working on my new EP, Personal Journal Vol. I.  This will be about sharing personal knowledge through situations I have been through.  All of the songs will be as if I’m writing in a Journal because to me, music is my journal.  I tell the world through song about certain things that I haven’t even spoken to my closest friends or family members about.  Music is my outlet and I hope that everyone that reads this will find that outlet as well.  #MayNothingStopYouCliz-Tour-4.125x5.25-SIDE2-v3

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Don’t Bother


5th single from Cliz’s up-and-coming project “A Mirror Image”

Now before you listen to this track, I just want to say that I am not against education at all.  Actually, I believe in education.  But I also believe that there are people, like me, that have a passion for something that can’t exactly be taught in school or college, etc.  Now that it’s out there, the point of the song is to show my dedication to my passion and the people that support it and/or help push it forward.  If it’s not about that, then I don’t bother with it.  Plain and simple.  No cockiness and no hard feelings, but in order to better yourself in this life, you need to learn to block out any negativity and do whatever it takes (obviously with some limitations) to achieve what everybody thinks is unachievable.  To prove those that always doubted you wrong.  But not to say, “I told you so!”  But to show them that it is possible and to make them believe strictly because you believed! #MayNothingStopYou.  Please leave any type of FEEDBACK; like, download, share, comment, you name it.  It is greatly appreciated.  Song produced by Spence Mills.  Album artwork by Javier Santana of Santana Creative.  SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

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Garden of Eden

“Garden of Eden” is the 4th single that has been released from A Mirror Image.

       This song talks about “stripping” the game down to its original form and starting all over.  The path that Hip-Hop is on right now is not the intended path of the greats.  They did not pave a way for us so that we can stray from it.  We need to bring substance back to Hip-Hop. Tell stories that others can relate to so that we can bring meaning back to this genre.  It also speaks on how manipulative we can be to ourselves.  We tell ourselves lies to make our life easier, so that we do not have to take risks. I do the same thing.  But when I break out of that mentality, I get back to trying to restore the meaning of Hip-Hop.  That’s where I got the idea for “Garden of Eden”.  Truhble Kelp produced the music itself.  He killed it as always!  Album art by Javier Santana, who I’m proud to say is my uncle!  Please leave FEEDBACK such as comments, liking, and sharing.  It means a great deal to me!  SUBSCRIBE!!!!

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