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A Mirror Image – Official Launch

Cliz and dr. O have finally finished the mixtape titled A Mirror Image.

Now if you are still wondering who dr. O is, well take a look at the reflection in the mirror of the cover art.  It is in fact Cliz’s darker alter ego.  He represents the darker voices on all of the songs present on this mixtape.  The whole point behind this project was for Cliz to really send a message to his audience.   The intentions were to convey to everybody that they should not be scared to represent what they believe in or to speak their minds.

WE are all vital parts of society so why don’t we give people our opinions; educate ourselves with others; and actually regard what the other people are saying.  What is the point of speaking our minds if nobody will listen?  The darker element of dr. O helps to characterize how serious and passionate Cliz is about what he does and what he represents.  With that being said, enjoy the mixtape and you can stream/download it at the link provided below.

Expect more music videos and shows to come after this!  Beats provided by Mack, Truhble Kelp, NoName Beats, Cliz, and Spence Mills.  Post-production by Cliz and Mack.  Album art drawn and painted by Katelyn Moran and digitally edited by Javier Santana of Santana Creative.

Gotta listen in order to get full effect.

Click Here to Listen

But you already knew that lol!

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