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A Mirror Image Tour Video

I have finally finished the compilation video for “A Mirror Image Tour”!  I know it took me some time, but I wanted to capture the emotion I felt, as well as, feel like you are a part of the crowd.  This video only covers 2 of the 4 venues I performed at due to some video quality issues but I know it will still convey the same message.  I really hope you enjoy what I put together here!  Special thanks to Melissa Malanczuk and Andy Quijano for the video!  Just remember #MayNothingStopYou!

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As you may already know, I was invited to my first radio show last night on “The Intersection” at 96.5 WSLR, Sarasota’s number 1 radio show.  The hosts Emmanuel Avraham, Ariel Blue, and DJ Imminent were great to watch and great to interact with.  They asked me a series of questions that definitely caught me off guard, but I answered them the best I could.  They also played one of my songs on the air during the music break so that was sublime in and of itself.  “LOOK MOMMY, I MADE IT TO THE RADIO”, is all I wanted to say last night when I heard my music on air.  But enough of me giving you a description.  If you were not able to listen last night, I have the option of listening to it right here beneath this blog.  So if that interests you, press play and let’s watch history unfold.  #MayNothingStopYou #XLVL #AMirrorImage


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