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2014 FIFA World Cup

So as everybody knows, the 2014 World Cup is going on as we speak. It’s actually starting to shape up after week 2. The Netherlands has 2 crucial wins with a game left against Chile, who is looking like a team that will advance to knockout stage. Brazil has me on the fence about them due to their first two games. They did not play to their full potential. Granted, Ochoa had an excellent match and deservedly won man of the match in Mexico’s 0-0 draw against Brazil. But you can’t forget USA’s extraordinary win against Ghana (knocked USA out in last two World). With a great flick by Jones to Dempsey, the USA were able to take the lead in the first 30 seconds. Andre Ayew and Ghana then came back and tied it but the hero, John Brooks, headed the ball in at the 86 min. to win the match. With a 2-1 win under their belt, USA faces Portugal this Sunday, June 22nd at 6 pm. With that being said, I want to hear your predictions. I want to hear you winner, your 2nd place, dark horse, YOU TELL ME! This tournament is shaping up to be a legendary one!



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