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Hold Me Down Pt. II

Hold Me Down is a single that compiles the material and concepts from “Personal Journal Vol. I”, releasing early next year, and puts them into one song.  If you want a sneak peak into what “Personal Journal” will entail, this is the way to get it.  You can download for free from Soundcloud, which is the link below and please SHARE!!!  Below is the link to hear the song and the lyrics.  Thank you for the continues support and #MayNothingStopYou




While you wait 
Imma give you a demonstration 
Of my creation 
Won’t be considered basic 
Next level nation 
Has come to take it 
May nothing stop you 
Or we will drop you 
No need for costume
What you see is what you get we keep it real 
No need to fake it 
Money’s barely in the conversation 
We looking at the world and asking how to change it 
They only focused on getting famous 
I’m looking at my team like mother fucker we made it 
I’m spending money on this music barely getting the payments 
I don’t worry about it my goal is becoming the greatest 
moving the masses like Avis 
Sacrificing my savings 
And I’d do it all again I could never replace it
Do you really want to hear about my new sneakers 
Drop-top two seater with a seat heater 
Shit that eras over now 
Hip hop has spit out the dummies so we can control it now 


Why can’t you hold me down yea 
I know that you’ll come around yea 
Especially when I got the dopest sound 
In all of town 
And notice how 
I got here it’s not over now 
Under the influence of bush like Colin Powell 
And every time I saw the vision I just wrote it down 
Give you a second to digest it 
Then I go to town 
Don’t envy your win free like Oprah now 
I’ve seen the failures 
I’ve seen exactly how much this trail hurts 
I felt like I could have quit 
But that shit you just don’t admit 
When I reminisce 
I think about life and what it could have been 
And I get so pissed 
Cuz I don’t understand how I made those decisions
I need to take responsibility 
pray for forgiveness 
Gave you my whole damn album in a song 
I just hope that whoever listen will want to sing a long 

Cuz I gave my whole Damn album in a song


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