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Good Friday (Eman x Cliz)

“Met up in the A for a Good Friday”!!

Following an extremely busy month of March, Eman and Cliz met up in Atlanta to take care of some business.  While they were there, they decided to hop on Kendrick Lamar’s, “Money Trees”, and this is what they created.  Below, you can stream the song and the link attached is where you can go to download the new single.  Thank you for your continuous love and support!  #MayNothingStopYou #XLVL




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The Preface

After listening to every piece for Personal Journal, we knew we had to make some cuts to keep the album at a personal level.  The Preface was born through this process.  These songs were written for Personal Journal Vol. I but after careful consideration, they were not picked to stay on the album.  Instead, we pushed them to a new EP for you.  This way you can still catch a glimpse of what you will hear in Personal Journal without getting it to the full effect.  Please enjoy as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!.  Big thanks to DJ Imminent for tracking and production as well as Nova Sango studios.  Could not have done this without these wonderful guys.  Artwork designed by Layne Harper of FFAS.  Another humble guy so thank you Layne for the incredible vision.  And thank you all for taking the time to listen to my work.  Your support means more than you know.  Together we can move mountains!  #MayNothingStopYou

Below is the link to the album via Soundcloud and my website.  YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FOR FREE FROM EITHER SITE!!!!





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