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“Don’t Bother” Official Music Video

“Don’t Bother” Music Video was released on Monday, March 31st

This video is to the single, “Don’t Bother”, which is off of my new project, A Mirror Image.  In this video, I try to portray a “day in the life” of myself.  From getting up in the morning to shooting a music video.  You see most of what goes on in my life on a daily basis.  The song itself promotes a positive message in the sense that if you have a dream, you better stick to it and forget the negative aspects of your life.  You cannot afford to have people bringing you down because they don’t believe in what you believe.  They don’t envision what you envision.  So if that’s the case, then don’t bother with it.  This song can be found as a single or as a part of a collective works (A Mirror Image) at www.itsclizzy.com/his-music.  Video was shot and edited by Jacob Izrael of Breaking Rules Media.  Directed by dr. O.  The video also features Mack, Swags, Andy Quijano, Camie and Danielle Lizardi.  I hope you enjoy the video and always remember, #MayNothingStopYou

"Don't Bother" video shoot

“Don’t Bother” video shoot

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A Mirror Image Tour Video

I have finally finished the compilation video for “A Mirror Image Tour”!  I know it took me some time, but I wanted to capture the emotion I felt, as well as, feel like you are a part of the crowd.  This video only covers 2 of the 4 venues I performed at due to some video quality issues but I know it will still convey the same message.  I really hope you enjoy what I put together here!  Special thanks to Melissa Malanczuk and Andy Quijano for the video!  Just remember #MayNothingStopYou!

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As you may already know, I was invited to my first radio show last night on “The Intersection” at 96.5 WSLR, Sarasota’s number 1 radio show.  The hosts Emmanuel Avraham, Ariel Blue, and DJ Imminent were great to watch and great to interact with.  They asked me a series of questions that definitely caught me off guard, but I answered them the best I could.  They also played one of my songs on the air during the music break so that was sublime in and of itself.  “LOOK MOMMY, I MADE IT TO THE RADIO”, is all I wanted to say last night when I heard my music on air.  But enough of me giving you a description.  If you were not able to listen last night, I have the option of listening to it right here beneath this blog.  So if that interests you, press play and let’s watch history unfold.  #MayNothingStopYou #XLVL #AMirrorImage


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A Mirror Image – Official Launch

Cliz and dr. O have finally finished the mixtape titled A Mirror Image.

Now if you are still wondering who dr. O is, well take a look at the reflection in the mirror of the cover art.  It is in fact Cliz’s darker alter ego.  He represents the darker voices on all of the songs present on this mixtape.  The whole point behind this project was for Cliz to really send a message to his audience.   The intentions were to convey to everybody that they should not be scared to represent what they believe in or to speak their minds.

WE are all vital parts of society so why don’t we give people our opinions; educate ourselves with others; and actually regard what the other people are saying.  What is the point of speaking our minds if nobody will listen?  The darker element of dr. O helps to characterize how serious and passionate Cliz is about what he does and what he represents.  With that being said, enjoy the mixtape and you can stream/download it at the link provided below.

Expect more music videos and shows to come after this!  Beats provided by Mack, Truhble Kelp, NoName Beats, Cliz, and Spence Mills.  Post-production by Cliz and Mack.  Album art drawn and painted by Katelyn Moran and digitally edited by Javier Santana of Santana Creative.

Gotta listen in order to get full effect.

Click Here to Listen

But you already knew that lol!

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A Mirror Image Tour/Personal Journal Vol. I

The series of singles that I have been putting out are all apart of my new mixtape, A Mirror Image.  This mixtape includes my alter ego, dr. O, who I consider to be the darker side of me.  The side that only comes out during unspeakable circumstances and says things that I would not normally say.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  Now in light of the mixtape release, E-Man and Next Level Nation have helped me tremendously by putting a mini-tour together.  I will be performing Wednesday, January 29th – Friday February, 28th.  All tour locations and times can be found on the “Show” page of itsclizzy.com.  After the release of this project, I will be working on my new EP, Personal Journal Vol. I.  This will be about sharing personal knowledge through situations I have been through.  All of the songs will be as if I’m writing in a Journal because to me, music is my journal.  I tell the world through song about certain things that I haven’t even spoken to my closest friends or family members about.  Music is my outlet and I hope that everyone that reads this will find that outlet as well.  #MayNothingStopYouCliz-Tour-4.125x5.25-SIDE2-v3

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Don’t Bother


5th single from Cliz’s up-and-coming project “A Mirror Image”

Now before you listen to this track, I just want to say that I am not against education at all.  Actually, I believe in education.  But I also believe that there are people, like me, that have a passion for something that can’t exactly be taught in school or college, etc.  Now that it’s out there, the point of the song is to show my dedication to my passion and the people that support it and/or help push it forward.  If it’s not about that, then I don’t bother with it.  Plain and simple.  No cockiness and no hard feelings, but in order to better yourself in this life, you need to learn to block out any negativity and do whatever it takes (obviously with some limitations) to achieve what everybody thinks is unachievable.  To prove those that always doubted you wrong.  But not to say, “I told you so!”  But to show them that it is possible and to make them believe strictly because you believed! #MayNothingStopYou.  Please leave any type of FEEDBACK; like, download, share, comment, you name it.  It is greatly appreciated.  Song produced by Spence Mills.  Album artwork by Javier Santana of Santana Creative.  SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

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