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Signing with Independent Ear, ILS, Caroline of Universal Music Group

I am happy, honored, and humbled to announce that Cliz and MayNothingStopYou is joining forces with Independent Ear and ILS/Caroline of Universal Music Group.  This news comes as a result of YOUR support and help throughout this entire process.  I cannot thank you all enough for sticking with me since day one.  Phillip Ryan Block, CEO of Independent Ear, is also to thank for his support of my vision both as an artist and entrepreneur.  As you all may know, Phillip is also a sponsored personality of MayNothingStopYou so our visions have been intertwined for almost a year now and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you this news.  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHILLIP’S SPONSORED PERSONALITY PAGE).  The management and label side is taken care of by Independent Ear and the distribution deal will be through ILS/Caroline of Universal Music Group.  For more on this matter, check out the press release that has been posted on Independent Ear’s website.  And as always, #MayNothingStopYou


P.S.: Check out new music by Cliz and the rock band The Clockmen below


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If you are already looking forward to the amazing deals for this holiday season, now you have more to look forward to!  MayNothingStopYou, (inspiration you can wear), is taking advantage of some amazing discounts from Thursday 11/24 – Sunday 11/28.  Since we have recently dropped all prices by 15%, you can now take advantage of an additional 15% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders.  That’s right!!!  That is a total of 30% in savings and FREE SHIPPING!  Where can you go wrong?  So check out our latest Fall-Wear apparel and our entire line at MayNothingStopYou.com for this year’s most inspiring clothing!




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Cliz & The Clockmen

I have always been a fan of Hip-Hop with a live band for performances.  With that being said, my engineer, Aric Frank, at Nova Sango Studios had the same thing in mind.  After months of searching and rehearsing with new band members, Cliz & The Clockmen was finally established.  The members that make up this band are Cliz (vocalist/MC), Aric Frank (bassist), George Bikos (guitarist), Paul King (guitarist), and Mr. David Curran killing it on the drums.  Together, we form a band that merges many various sounds into one, “no-genred” band that takes the live setting to a whole new level.  We believe in leaving people with an experience and on Sunday, May 22nd, we did just that.

summer survivors   Summer Survivors,  a Sarasota-based Rock/Reggae band, had a release party for their new album, “Hashed Out”.  We were blessed enough to have the opportunity to perform there as a band for the first time.  Paul, guitarist for Cliz & The Clockmen, hooked us up with the event because he actually plays with Summer Survivors and is very instrumental in all the success they have had.  This event took place at Gilligan’s Island Bar & Grill in Siesta Key, FL and had a turnout of 400+.  (Find Summer Survivors at: https://itun.es/us/Djh-bb)



To check out a sneak peak of what Cliz & The Clockmen are all about, you can click on the link below!  We are excited to bring you more!  Follow us on facebook at facebook.com/clizandtheclockmen.

Booking: clizandtheclockmen@gmail.com


Video Link to Cliz & The Clockmen:



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Interview with DJ Cellus on Beats, Rhymes, and Life Radio


On Monday night, September 1st, 2014, I was honored to be on the air with DJ Cellus and his show, Beats, Rhymes, and Life Radio.  This show airs every Monday night at 11p.m. – 1a.m. eastern, 8p.m. – 10p.m. pacific time on 96.5 WSLR or available on WSLR.org or WSLR app.  We discussed the beginnings of my artistry, as well as, insight into my new album Personal Journal Vol. I.  I was also honored to premier my new single, “Home”, on the air that night for the very first time!  If you were unable to hear it, don’t worry!  Here is the link to full access of the radio interview that night provided by my brother DJ Cellus!  I hope you all enjoy!  http://www.mixcrate.com/djcellus/beats-rhymes-life-radio-912014-mc-cliz-8903469

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A Mirror Image – Official Launch

Cliz and dr. O have finally finished the mixtape titled A Mirror Image.

Now if you are still wondering who dr. O is, well take a look at the reflection in the mirror of the cover art.  It is in fact Cliz’s darker alter ego.  He represents the darker voices on all of the songs present on this mixtape.  The whole point behind this project was for Cliz to really send a message to his audience.   The intentions were to convey to everybody that they should not be scared to represent what they believe in or to speak their minds.

WE are all vital parts of society so why don’t we give people our opinions; educate ourselves with others; and actually regard what the other people are saying.  What is the point of speaking our minds if nobody will listen?  The darker element of dr. O helps to characterize how serious and passionate Cliz is about what he does and what he represents.  With that being said, enjoy the mixtape and you can stream/download it at the link provided below.

Expect more music videos and shows to come after this!  Beats provided by Mack, Truhble Kelp, NoName Beats, Cliz, and Spence Mills.  Post-production by Cliz and Mack.  Album art drawn and painted by Katelyn Moran and digitally edited by Javier Santana of Santana Creative.

Gotta listen in order to get full effect.

Click Here to Listen

But you already knew that lol!

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A Mirror Image Tour/Personal Journal Vol. I

The series of singles that I have been putting out are all apart of my new mixtape, A Mirror Image.  This mixtape includes my alter ego, dr. O, who I consider to be the darker side of me.  The side that only comes out during unspeakable circumstances and says things that I would not normally say.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  Now in light of the mixtape release, E-Man and Next Level Nation have helped me tremendously by putting a mini-tour together.  I will be performing Wednesday, January 29th – Friday February, 28th.  All tour locations and times can be found on the “Show” page of itsclizzy.com.  After the release of this project, I will be working on my new EP, Personal Journal Vol. I.  This will be about sharing personal knowledge through situations I have been through.  All of the songs will be as if I’m writing in a Journal because to me, music is my journal.  I tell the world through song about certain things that I haven’t even spoken to my closest friends or family members about.  Music is my outlet and I hope that everyone that reads this will find that outlet as well.  #MayNothingStopYouCliz-Tour-4.125x5.25-SIDE2-v3

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