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Special Delivery

Just shy of a half a year after my debut mixtape, R.A.W., was released, and I’m dropping my new free album, Special Delivery, on July 17th, 2013.  But unlike R.A.W., this album will give you insight to how I live my life, as well as, a little history about me.  There will be songs on there that are hype-filled and you can turn up to, but there will also be those that you can vibe to and hopefully relate.  Those are the true intentions; to show you that I didn’t have it easy growing up even though I was raised “middle class” most of my life and to show those people out there that can relate to me that they aren’t the only ones in their situation.

The sounds in this next project are very experimental in my opinion.  I’ll be having Mack, NoName Beats, Truhble Kelp, and myself behind all of the music and a couple of featured artists will be jumping on some great tracks!  If you haven’t heard my first tape, R.A.W., here is the link, and hold me down until Special Delivery drops on July 17th.

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