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Cliz — IDK (Prod. by Erik Giovani & Bob Frank)
Release date : Feb. 24, 2017
Label : Independent Ear

Cliz delivers his second single off of his up and coming EP. This single brings substance mixed in with quick flows and a fast cadence that always brings Cliz's singles to life. For more of his music, visit the "His Music" tab on this website or simply search him on major music outlets.

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Cliz & The Clockmen – EP

Cliz & The Clockmen — Cliz & The Clockmen - EP
Release date : Dec. 23, 2016
Label : Independent Ear

A unique blend of Hip-Hop and Rock with elements of storytelling and lyricism.

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Class is in Session

Cliz — Class is in Session
Release date : Sep. 23, 2016

Before you tune in to one of the most controversial songs I’ve written to date, I want to clarify that I believe in education wholeheartedly. Does our educational system need work? Yes…but that’s not the point. I believe that we all need to be exposed to every spectrum that falls under the educational umbrella. But I also believe that our purpose on earth cannot always be taught in a classroom or lecture hall. My purpose…it is to tell stories. Stories through the lens of experience, hardships, but most importantly, commitment. (Continued....)

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Personal Journal Vol. I

Cliz — Personal Journal Vol. I
Release date : Jan. 23, 2016

For over two years, Cliz has worked on putting together his Personal Journal to release to the world. Over 50 songs were written, but only 11 made the cut. These 11 songs show his strengths, weaknesses, and even his vulnerability. It gives you every aspect of his life. Some that haven't even been told to his closest friends and family. YOU have the opportunity to be the first to hear it. And YOU have the chance to be a part of this legacy. #MayNothingStopYou

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The Preface (from Personal Journal)

Cliz — The Preface
Release date : Mar. 11, 2015
Label : Next Level Nation

After listening to every piece for Personal Journal, we knew we had to make some cuts to keep the album at a personal level. The Preface was born through this process. These songs were written for Personal Journal Vol. I but after careful consideration, they were not picked to stay on the album. Instead, we pushed them to a new EP for you. This way you can still catch a glimpse of what you will hear in Personal Journal without getting it to the full effect. Please enjoy as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!. Big thanks to DJ Imminent for tracking and production as well as Nova Sango studios. Could not have done this without these wonderful guys. Artwork designed by Layne Harper of FFAS. Another humble guy so thank you Layne for the incredible vision. And thank you all for taking the time to listen to my work. Your support means more than you know. Together we can move mountains! #MayNothingStopYou

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A Mirror Image

Cliz & dr. O — A Mirror Image
Release date : Feb. 27, 2014
Label : XLVL

Cliz and dr. O have finally finished the mixtape titled A Mirror Image. Now if you are still wondering who dr. O is, well take a look at the reflection in the mirror of the cover art. It is in fact Cliz’s darker alter ego. He represents the darker voices on all of the songs present on this mixtape. The whole point behind this project was for Cliz to really send a message to his audience. The intentions were to convey to everybody that they should not be scared to represent what they believe in or to speak their minds. WE are all vital parts of society so why don’t we give people our opinions; educate ourselves with others; and actually regard what the other people are saying. What is the point of speaking our minds if nobody will listen? The darker element of dr. O helps to characterize how serious and passionate Cliz is about what he does and what he represents. With that being said, enjoy the mixtape and you can stream/download it at the link provided below. Expect more music videos and shows to come after this! Beats provided by Mack, Truhble Kelp, NoName Beats, Cliz, and Spence Mills. Post-production by Cliz and Mack. Album art drawn and painted by Katelyn Moran and digitally edited by Javier Santana of Santana Creative.

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Don’t Bother

Cliz & dr. O (Prod. By Spence Mills) — Don't Bother
Release date : Jan. 16, 2014

This is the 5th single from Cliz’s up-and-coming project “A Mirror Image” Now before you listen to this track, I just want to say that I am not against education at all. Actually, I believe in education. But I also believe that there are people, like me, that have a passion for something that can’t exactly be taught in school or college, etc. Now that it’s out there, the point of the song is to show my dedication to my passion and the people that support it and/or help push it forward. If it’s not about that, then I don’t bother with it. Plain and simple. No cockiness and no hard feelings, but in order to better yourself in this life, you need to learn to block out any negativity and do whatever it takes (obviously with some limitations) to achieve what everybody thinks is unachievable. To prove those that always doubted you wrong. But not to say, “I told you so!” But to show them that it is possible and to make them believe strictly because you believed! #MayNothingStopYou.

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Garden of Eden

Cliz & dr. O — Garden of Eden
Release date : Jan. 09, 2014

Garden of Eden” is the 4th single that has been released from A Mirror Image. This song talks about “stripping” the game down to its original form and starting all over. The path that Hip-Hop is on right now is not the intended path of the greats. They did not pave a way for us so that we can stray from it. We need to bring substance back to Hip-Hop. Tell stories that others can relate to so that we can bring meaning back to this genre. It also speaks on how manipulative we can be to ourselves. We tell ourselves lies to make our life easier, so that we do not have to take risks. I do the same thing. But when I break out of that mentality, I get back to trying to restore the meaning of Hip-Hop. That’s where I got the idea for “Garden of Eden”. Truhble Kelp produced the music itself. He killed it as always! Album art by Javier Santana, who I’m proud to say is my uncle! Please leave FEEDBACK such as comments, liking, and sharing. It means a great deal to me!

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All in My Blood

Cliz & dr. O (feat. Mack) (Prod. by Mack) — All in My Blood
Release date : Dec. 19, 2013

The music was also produced by Mack so a big shout out to him! This song is extremely significant to me because I wrote this song on November 11, 2013, the day I joined with Next Level Nation and E-Man! I was very excited to start working so I went home and wanted to write immediately. I remembered that Mack had sent me a beat with an idea for a hook, so I decided to give that a listen. Right when I heard the music come on, I started vibing. Then I heard the hook! He had another idea with the same flow, but we ended up tweaking the hook a bit to what you hear now. But when I heard the original hook, I knew it would be a jam. In regards to the lyrics, the goal was to show you guys the seriousness behind my work. I don’t just write to fill up lines with nonsense. I take my time to make sure every line is relative to me and broad enough so that it can relate to you as well. I’m trying to share my passion for music so that you can find whatever passion excites you and work towards it. To never stop even when you don’t know what’s to come. That’s why I do this. To inspire people that are/were just like me!

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Cliz (feat. Dr. o & Pechaman) (Prod. by Truhble Kelp)
Release date : Dec. 05, 2013

iGalactic features my alter ego, the darker side of me, "dr. O". The new single also features Pechaman, a high school friend of mine and aspiring artist. When I heard the song, “Intergalactic”, by the Beastie Boys, I knew right then and there I wanted to sample it. Mind you, being a fan of the Beastie Boys growing up, I listened to most of their material so this wasn’t the first time I had heard the song. After I got the idea, I instantly messaged my boy, Truhble Kelp, through Twitter. I told him the exact sample that I wanted and within 3 hours that dude busted out the beat you hear before you. I was so impressed that I started writing as soon as I could. I finished the song that night! I had been talking to Pechaman about getting him on a feature because I wanted this next project to have a lot of Bradenton/Sarasota rappers in it to show the talent this city has. After finishing the lyrics, I heard him on that last verse, and he went IN on it!! I wanted to portray the fun times and life so this beat just naturally went with it. I had an awesome time making this song and I hope you liked it as well.

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All White Linen – A.W.L.

Cliz — All White Linen - A.W.L.

This is the first single being released from the new project “A Mirror Image”. This song gives you a bit of insight into what “rich” really means. Song produced by “Truhble Kelp”

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Special Delivery

Cliz — Special Delivery
Release date : Jul. 24, 2013

Unlike R.A.W., this album gives insight to how I live my life, as well as, a little history about me. There are songs on there that are hype-filled and you can turn up to, but there are also songs that you can vibe to and hopefully relate to. Those are the true intentions; to show you that I didn’t have it easy growing up even though I was raised “middle class” most of my life and to show those people out there that can relate to me that they aren’t the only ones in their situation.

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RAW (Rapper’s Are Worried)

Cliz — RAW - Rapper's Are Worried
Release date : Feb. 15, 2013

The debut mixtape for the kid Clizzy. This project was compiled over a 2 year period. He put this together so that he could show his rhythmic and lyrical abilities. All songs were leased through the producers named on the track. All post-editing done by Mack and Cliz. Album art from Ben Lopez.

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