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NEW MNSY DESIGN (Created by: Rachel Stotler)

A new month brings a new MayNothingStopYou design to everybody!  After releasing 6 new MayNothingStopYou logo designs in the past two months, it’s time to bring you all something different.  And this time, it is in the form of a design created by Rachel Stotler.

The design was inspired by lyrics from Cliz’s new project coming out, though the name has still yet to be released.  The lyrics say the following: “What you give the universe, it will give back entirely”.  These lyrics are meant to inspire those who wear it to keep putting forth the effort in whatever craft that you consider your passion.  In layman’s terms, if you do not put forth any effort, you will not receive what you truly want to accomplish in life.

This design is the first of many that will contain Cliz’s lyrics solely for the purpose of inspiration.  These designs are available now at MayNothingStopYou.com under “The Merch” section of the website or just click the link(s) below to take you directly to the site for men or women.  The design is available in black and white or in full color ranging in sizes from Small to 4X and available for Men, Women, and Youth.  Huge thanks to Rachel Stotler for her immense talent and for making this design come to fruition.  #MayNothingStopYou


MayNothingStopYou for Men

MayNothingStopYou for Women

MayNothingStopYou for Youth              


color cliz (no white background) blkandwhite cliz (no white background)

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