‘The Hiatus’ is Over

For over a year, I completely stopped everything pertaining to music.  The main reason, I thought I was done with it.  The amount of money spent compared to the amount made back was night and day, and it’s hard to make it as an artist when you’re giving most of your music away for free.  The threats outside of venues I performed at did not help my case either; that’s another story though.

But Cliz is back and I am excited to get this new project out to you all.  The project (EP) will be titled “The Hiatus” and I plan on releasing at least one single prior to the full EP release, which is scheduled to be released this winter of 2018.  But here’s the thing, this project will not be possible without YOU.  I am humbled to be here today because of the ones who support me, and now I need your help more than ever.  If  you donate toward the project, you will receive a free copy of the project and the singles, and one lucky winner will receive a special gift from me to you.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  It is great to be back!  Thank you kindly and, as always, MayNothingStopYou!



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The Creation of “The Hiatus – EP”

Your donation will directly contribute to the completion of this EP and the singles within it. Your contribution will not only be the foundation of this project, but it will also be the reason it comes to fruition.


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